NbPac at Artists & Fleas: McCarren Park

On Saturday Artists & Fleas in partnership with Open Space Alliance launched their branch at McCarren Park and we are so excited to have participated with our own information booth. We set up tent amongst non-profit community members and independent designers of jewelry, clothing, handmade crafts, and even doggy treats. Brooklyn Standard was there providing delicious refreshments and a dance troupe performed alongside a rowdy band making a creative raucous that was fun and entertainment for all.

It was a rainy start to the day and we encouraged people to stop by and draw raindrops on our makeshift newspaper print sign as we shared info on the India Street Mural Project. There was a donation box and ideas box present, wallpapered by the one and only Dan Funderburgh, recent grant winner over at FEAST. It was so encouraging to engage in exciting conversation with people who care about the community, many of them residents of North Brooklyn sharing great ideas for future projects and signing up to our mailing list to learn of future meetings and volunteering opportunities. It was a successful and encouraging day and we look forward to seeing all of you at our next NbPac meeting on May 11th (6:30pm) at 303 Grand.

Mural project artists to be announced soon!


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